Brendon Thomas

Senior Program Coordinator
United States Energy Association

Brendon Thomas serves as a Program Coordinator for USEA’s Energy Market Investment and Modernization (EMIM) program. The EMIM program works to strengthen energy security of U.S. allies, create rule based and transparent energy markets, and improve access to affordable and reliable energy. He is responsible for the planning and implementation of partnership activities throughout Asia, including training programs, workshops, conferences, and executive exchanges.

Brendon holds a BA in International Relations and Economics from Michigan State University, as well as an MA in Global Human Development from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. Prior to joining USEA in January 2020, he worked at a law firm in Cambodia that focused on land rights and environmental governance. Most recently, Brendon was based in Chiang Mai, Thailand where he spent several years training grassroots human rights and environmental activists from around the Mekong region.