USEA has provided assistance to USAID, the Government of Kosovo and KEDS (formerly KEK), the national electric distribution company for Kosovo since 2006.  USEA initially prepared a “Qualitative Assessment” of KEK in 2006 to assess the company’s performance which was used by USAID/Kosovo to help design the KEK Network and Supply Project currently implemented by Tetra Tech ES, Inc.  USEA completed an update of the KEK assessment in FY 2009.

USEA has since conducted a series of activities for KEK management on the utility management best practices identified as needing improvement in the Qualitative Assessments.  Activities have included a series of general management trainings for over 100 of KEK mid and upper level management;  exchange visits on metering, billing and collections; revenue protection and internal auditing, human resource management, and coal-fired power plant operations. 

USEA conducted a workshop on Privatization to support the Government of Kosovo's formal announcement to privatize KEK Distribution and Supply in October 2008.  The workshop brought together senior representatives from the government of Kosovo, including the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Economy, the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) and the Kosovo Transmission Operator (KOSTT), along with international privatization experts with experience in the region.  The workshop provided an opportunity to discuss the various milestones and accompanying challenges in the privatization process.  

USEA continues to provide assistance to USAID, the Government of Kosovo and KEDS as KEDS progresses through the privatization process.