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November 2023 - CO2 Storage and Pipeline Infrastructure in the U.S.

October 2023 - Carbon Capture from Point Source Emissions and Direct Air Capture: An Overview and Comparison of Carbon Management Approaches

October 2023 - Underground Hydrogen Storage (UHS) in Depleted Reservoirs

August 2023 - Critical Material Recovery from E-Waste

November 2022 - De-Risking CCS

November 2022 - Life Cycle Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Removal Methods Summary Report

November 2022 - Retiring Fossil Plants: Utilizing Thermal Energy Storage Technology for Longer Duration Energy Storage Deployment

November 2022 - Seasonal Energy Storage

September 2022 - A Catalog and Survey of Critical Materials Research Collaboration Between Industry and National Laboratories

December 2021 - Waste Plastics Gasification with Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS)

November 2021 - Increasing CO2 Storage Options with Injection of CO2 in Shales

October 2021 - CCUS: A State Comparison of Technical and Policy Issues 

September 2020 - Study on State's Policies & Regulations per CO2-EOR Storage Conventional, ROZ and EOR in Shale: Permitting, Infrastructure, Incentives, Royalty Owners, Eminent Domain, Mineral-Pore Space, and Storage

September 2020 - Increasing Shale Oil Recovery and CO2 Storage with Cyclic CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery

September 2020 - Review of Federal, State, and Regional Tax Strategies and Opportunities for CO2-EOR-Storage and the CCUS Value Chain