In cooperation with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy, USEA’s Consensus team hosts various workshops throughout the year related to CCUS and Carbon Management Technologies. These workshops draw upon some of the most experienced and brightest minds within Government, Industry, and Academia and encompass a wide variety of topics such as:

· Advanced Manufacturing: Intersecting AM with Clean, Efficient, and Flexible Coal Technologies

· Big Data and Machine Learning for Clean Coal and Carbon Management Strategic Planning

· Coal-Powered Electric Generating Unit Efficiency and Reliability

· The Changing CCUS Market Space and 45Q (Colorado and WyomingLouisiana and the Gulf CoastTexas

· Direct Air Capture Technology Needs

· Future Paths of Emissions Reduction Technologies/Systems in the U.S.

· Improving Competitiveness of U.S. Coal

· Rare Earth Element and Critical Mineral Production from Domestic Coal-Based Resources

USEA is in the process of planning a Series of three workshops on the Changing CCUS Market Space and 45Q. Please stay tuned.

It should be noted that these workshops are intended to be educational and informational in nature and are not meant to give advice, opinions or recommendations to the federal government from groups acting in a collective mode.