The United States Energy Association established the U.S. - Bangladesh Power Generation Partnership between selected global electric utility and energy companies and the Bangladesh Power Development Board to promote best practices in efficiency, operation, and maintenance. This program is intended to further build the capacity of Bangladesh’s senior level managers and plant operators by providing them the opportunity to work with and learn best utility operation and maintenance practices for power generating plants directly from their peers at selected U.S. and global electric utilities. The expected results are the introduction and adaptation of proven utility operating and maintenance best practices, policies, and tools into the Bangladesh power sector.


The partnership is designed to do the following:

  • Introduce commercially-proven approaches to improve the operations and maintenance of power plants;
  • Transfer “best practices” and performance standards utilized around the world to different equipment and areas of power plants;
  • Improve efficiency practices and upgrades;
  • Improve reliability initiatives;
  • Expose officials to strategic decision-making processes for long-term planning of equipment replacement and upgrades; and
  • Improve performance of environmental pollution and emission control equipment.