13th U.S. - China Oil and Gas Industry Forum

The 13th U.S. - China Oil and Gas Industry Forum will take place in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China from September 24 - 26, 2013.  Registration is now open here.

Hotel information:

OGIF will be held at the Shaanxi Guesthouse (also known as the Shaanxi Zhangbagou Guesthouse), No. 1 Zhang Ba Bei Lu, Tel. 86-29-68899681.

To make a reservation:

*       Log in to: www.zhangbagou.com

*       Choose English

*       Choose Booking

*       Meeting code is: OGIF (the price is $125 - $140 per night including breakfast)

*       Wait for confirmation email from the system (You will most likely receive a message saying "Book success!"  There       will be no confirmation number.)

The hotel does accept credit cards, though the registration site does not ask for this information when you register.

地址:西安市丈八北路 1 号

Hotel Name: Shaanxi Guesthouse

Address: No.1, Zhang Ba Bei Lu (TEL) 86-29-68899681