4th Annual Advanced Energy Technology Forum (Virtual)



9:05 AM ET - Opening Keynote Address - Jennifer Granholm, Secretary, U.S. Department of Energy [Recorded]

9:15 AM ET - Roundtable One: Research And Development With The National Labs
In this session, senior directors from prominent national laboratories will offer insight into the cutting-edge research they are conducting concerning new energy technologies, including advanced battery storage, carbon capture, renewable generation and more.

10:15 AM ET - Roundtable Two: Infrastructure With Association And Industry Leaders
This panel will feature executives from organizations that makeup and help regulate America’s grid and related infrastructure. Panelists will discuss how the grid must adapt and modernize to support increased renewable generation and withstand a surge in extreme weather events.

11:15 AM ET - Roundtable Three: Academic Innovations With The Universities
In this roundtable, senior professors from leading universities with energy and environment programs will discuss their research, the potential of public-private partnerships, university initiatives to reduce emissions, and more.

12:15 PM ET - Roundtable Four: Corporate Insight With Business Leaders
The final session will feature corporate executives from organizations that operate within a variety of sectors in the energy industry. Topics of discussion will include how the private sector is helping drive decarbonization and stimulating advanced technology research, and how recent legislation will impact them.