Climate Resilience and Adaptation in Latin America: Lessons for a Global Audience (available in Spanish and English)

While many Latin American and Caribbean countries have embraced hydropower and other renewable energy sources, they remain vulnerable to climate risks that threaten the quality and reliability of the services they provide, and in turn, the livelihoods of the communities they serve. Costa Rica’s Instituto Costarricense de Electridad (ICE) and Colombia’s Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM) are two regional utilities working to navigate these complex issues while simultaneously building organizational momentum for climate action.

On May 10, USAID and USEA will host a webinar highlighting ICE’s and EPM’s climate resilience and adaptation experiences. Through brief presentations, an engaging panel discussion, and a Q&A session with the audience, the webinar will disseminate technical knowledge and organizational lessons learned that are relevant for any organization undertaking or supporting climate risk management activities, especially in developing countries.

We invite all interested energy service providers, international development practitioners, and relevant public sector organizations to attend and contribute to this rich exchange of ideas and perspectives.

Participants will be able to listen to the webinar in Spanish or English.


  • Kenneth Lobo Mendez, Director, Dirección Planificación y Sostenibilidad, Instituto Costarricense de Electridad (ICE)
  • Isabel Cristina Giraldo Ospina, Profesional Planeación y Desempeño, Gerencia Direccionamiento en Sostenibilidad, Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM)


Adriana Valencia

Energy, Water and Sanitation, and Climate Change Officer
IDB Invest

Isabel Cristina Giraldo Ospina

Planning and Performance Professional
Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM)

Kenneth Lobo Mendez

Director of Planning and Sustainability
Instituto Costarricense de Electridad (ICE)