Governance Policies and Procedures for Third-Party Cybersecurity Risk Management

This webinar focuses on developing and maintaining organizational cybersecurity governance and the best practices on policies and procedures to address supply chain risk management. The webinar will highlight typical models for managing cybersecurity (e.g., the role of a CISO or CSO) and level of visibility into cybersecurity risks from the senior management to technical staff. The presenters will also discuss strategies and approaches to communicating not only within an organization about cyber risks, but also with regulatory authorities, especially in support of review and approval of CAPEX and OPEX cyber investments.



Scott Morgan

Senior Energy Analyst
Energetics Incorporated

Roland Miller III

Ambassador for Cyber Florida
The Florida Center for Cybersecurity

Terri Khalil

CEO/Founder, CyberKaleidoscope, LLC
Senior Consultant, Ampere Industrial Security, Inc.