Joint Briefing on Energy Sustainability: The Pride of Oil & Gas Industry



United States Energy Association

Society of Petroleum Engineers - National Capital Section


Joint Briefing

Energy Sustainability: The Pride of Oil &Gas Industry

Presentation Synopsis

Today, more than 50% of the global energy mix comes from oil and gas, with most projections seeing that percentage fall only slightly by 2040 but increasing in quantities (which what matters). Oil & Gas industry will remain a major contributor to the global economic growth, social development and lifestyle improvement, delivering the required global supply of energy in a very environmental responsible manner. Despite this fact, Oil & Gas industry is not getting equivalent credit and acknowledgment of its several stewardship initiatives and its positive impact on the global economy and societies.

There is a need to reframe the concept of Oil & Gas sustainability with some effort to quantify the industry sustainability performance through a set of KPIs to enable the industry to correct the several misconceptions, improve its image and claim the missing pride, but also show at the same time its responsibility and accountability in developing its hydrocarbon resources.

SPE is taking the lead on behalf of the industry to achieve this image transformation process. Furthermore, this presentation will describe a few of the significant sustainability challenges and address the industry’s ongoing commitment towards innovation and technological development that will enhance our performance. It will also address the industry pride and passion of the next generation that will be essential to deliver energy resources to the world through the concept of “citizen engineer”.


Dr. Sami Alnuaim

Society of Petroleum Engineers