Policies and Technologies for Cross Border Energy Trade

The focus of the workshop is an overview of transmission operations for cross border electricity exchange.  The two-day workshop for Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka will present existing transmission operation practices to ensure reliability, stability, and safety in cross-border energy trade.  The workshop will also address emergency management practices and best practices in cross border communications for electricity trade.



  • Cross Border Power Trade and Regional Power Pool Management
  • Transmission System Protection Schemes
  • Reliability Issues
  • Special Protection Systems
  • Remedial Action Schemes (RAS)
  • RAS System Components
  • RAS Inputs
  • RAS Outputs
  • Transmission Protection Equipment



  • Department of Energy of Bhutan
  • Power Grid India
  • National Transmission and Dispatch Company (Pakistan)
  • Afghanistan – TBD
  • Nepal Electricity Authority
  • Ceylon Electricity Board (Sri Lanka)
  • Power Grid Bangladesh