President Biden's Infrastructure Plan & Electric Utilities

President Biden's Infrastructure Plan & Electric Utilities

What will be the impact of President Joe Biden’s proposed $2.3 trillion infrastructure package on the electric utility industry and its suppliers? That will be the question addressed at USEA's next virtual press briefing this coming Friday.

A panel of experts on the Biden infrastructure proposals will answer questions from top energy reporters. The experts and reporters will be introduced by USEA Executive Director Sheila Hollis, and the discussion will be moderated by Llewellyn King.

It is the goal of the Biden administration to shape a future electric industry that is carbon-free with abundant storage. How will this massive push be accommodated, and who will benefit? Find out Friday!

General audience will be allowed to participate in questioning, but news outlets will be given preference. Following the event, a recording will be available on the USEA website.

Guest Speakers:
Julia Hamm, President & CEO, Smart Electric Power Alliance
Dr. Karen Wayland, President, Gridwise Alliance
Robert Chapman, Senior VP, Energy Delivery and Customer Solutions, EPRI

Rod Kuckro, Freelance
Jeff Beattie, The Energy Daily
Ken Silverstein, Forbes


Julia Hamm

President & CEO

Sheila Hollis

Former Acting Executive Director, U.S. Energy Association
Of Counsel and Chair, Duane Morris

Llewellyn King

Creator, Executive Producer & Host
White House Chronicle

Dr. Karen Wayland

Chief Executive Officer
Gridwise Alliance

Robert Chapman

Senior Vice President, Energy Delivery and Customer Solution
Electric Power Research Institute