The Resilience Imperative for U.S. Electric Utilities

Never has resilience in the electric utility industry been more critical than it is right now. Extreme weather -- heatwaves, hurricanes, and arctic blasts -- and constant cyber threats are everyday occurrences. These events can interrupt power supply calamitously at any time and without a scintilla of warning.

Interconnectivity, the electrification of transportation, and even data mining are demanding greater grid resilience from the utilities which serve them. Smart city planners talk about resilience as the key to the future. Indeed the prosperity, well-being, and quality of life in the United States depend on the resilience of the electric power system.

How should one measure a utility’s resilience? How should it be enhanced? What are the lessons that utilities can teach each other?

The United States Energy Association will address the importance of utility resilience in a virtual press briefing featuring a panel of industry experts who will be questioned by reporters. The event will be opened by USEA Acting Executive Director Sheila Hollis. It has been organized and will be moderated by Llewellyn King, veteran print and broadcast journalist.

Guest Speakers:
Joseph Fiksel, Professor Emeritus, Integrated Systems Engineering, Ohio State University
Richard S. Mroz, Esq., Immediate Past President, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU)
Paula Gold-Williams, President & CEO, CPS Energy
Mark McGranaghan, EPRI Fellow, EPRI

Ken Silverstein, Forbes
Jeff Beattie, The Energy Daily
Robert Walton, Utility Dive
Diego Mendoza-Moyers, San Antonio Express-News


Sheila Hollis

Former Acting Executive Director, U.S. Energy Association
Of Counsel and Chair, Duane Morris

Llewellyn King

Creator, Executive Producer & Host
White House Chronicle

Joseph Fiksel

Professor Emeritus
Ohio State University

Richard S. Mroz, Esq.

Immediate Past President
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU)

Paula Gold-Williams

President & CEO
CPS Energy

Mark McGranaghan

EPRI Fellow

Ken Silverstein

Senior Contributor

Jeff Beattie

Assistant Editor/Reporter
The Energy Daily

Robert Walton

Utility Dive

Diego Mendoza-Moyers

Staff Writer
San Antonio Express-News