As more utilities worldwide close or reduce their fossil-based generation facilities in a  shift toward net zero emissions, there is a need to address the resulting human impact from those decisions. Fossil-fueled power plants that are closed and replaced by renewable energy sources must address the social implications resulting from the displacement and reassignment of the current staff at the closing facilities.

A Just Energy Transition is increasingly prioritized when developing climate change mitigation models that effectively integrate funding mechanisms, advanced technologies, regulatory frameworks, and sustainability.

Chile's energy policy has advanced in recent years, with wind and solar now generating more power than coal for the first time on record. With an increased focus on renewables, the country is targeting 80% renewable electricity by 2030, 100% zero emissions by 2050, and is rapidly closing the country’s sizable fossil fuel generation fleet.

Enel Chile S.A., the largest electric utility company in Chile, became the first company in Chile to stop using coal generation in September 2022. For the full decarbonization of its generation mix, Enel Chile implemented a Just Energy Transition strategy, incorporating technological, social, and environmental solutions to ensure that the shutdown of the company’s coal fleet maximized value for the plants’ employees, contractors, and the local communities.

Enel has effectively moved forward with closing all coal plants and introduced programs that provide jobs and training for displaced staff.

Join us on April 25th at 2:00 pm EST for a webinar with Natalia Correa, Head of Sustainable and Circular Ecosystems and Roberto Alhucema, Head of O&M Gas & Coal Chile de Enel Generación, on the steps Enel Chile has taken to prepare for net zero generation with a comprehensive Just Energy Transition plan including:

  • Regulatory Framework for Just Transition
  • Addressing Climate Change
  • Utility process for Just Transition
  • Community agreements under Just Transition

This webinar is part of the Advancing Modern Power through Utility Partnerships (AmpUp) Program’s monthly Technology Webinar series. Funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the AmpUp Program is centered around peer-to-peer relationships and strong practitioner and stakeholder networks to support net-zero goals through a consortium of five organizations.

The AmpUp program can: support peer learning; share best practices on creating funds for just transition; empower communities by facilitating inclusive dialog and the development of action plans; develop strategies and policies to address loss of employment; provide opportunities to transition and train for the clean energy economy; and support the development of policies for financial security. AmpUp is comprised of:

  • Arizona State University
  • MK Advisors
  • NRECA International
  • Segura Consulting
  • U.S. Energy Association

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Natalia Correa

Head of Sustainable and Circular Ecosystems
ENEL Chile S.A.

Roberto Alhucema

Head of O&M Gas & Coal Chile de Enel Generación
ENEL Chile S.A.