The Role of Women’s Leadership in Advancing the Global Clean Energy Transition

The South Asia Women in Energy (SAWIE) hosted a high-level dialogue on the “Role of Women Leadership in Advancing the Global Clean Energy Transition” at the USAID’s National Conference on August 24th. The program was hosted collaboratively by USAID’s bilateral program GTG/Rise and regional program SAREH in partnership with USISPF.  The event spotlighted women’s leadership and how women-led, institutions, and organisations can advance the renewable energy transition for a clean energy future. The panel comprising representation from GWNET, IRENA, General Electric (GE) South Asia, International Energy Agency (IEA), South Asia U.S. Grains Council deliberated and created a space for dialogue on enabling the global environment to accelerate women’s leadership in the renewable energy transition and in the clean energy sector.

Speakers for the session included:

  • Moderator: Dr. Shalini Sarin, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Elektromobilitat and Co-Chairperson, SAWIE
  • Irene Giner-Reichl, Senior Advisor, GWNET
  • Rabia Ferroukhi, Director, Knowledge, Policy and Finance Center, IRENA
  • Sharmila Barathan, Government Affairs & Policy Leader. GE South Asia
  • Nicole Thomas, Program Manager, India, International Energy Agency (IEA)
  • Alejandra Castillo, Regional Director- South Asia, US Grains Council
  • Shanti Karanjit, Chief Technical Advisor, UNDP