Utility Digitalization Progress and Digitalization Strategies and Roadmaps

This is the third in the series of USAID webinars on Digitalization and Cybersecurity in the Energy Sector hosted by E3.

This webinar will help utilities learn about global trends in digitalization including identification of digitalization priorities for power utilities, get an understanding of key technologies and the major cost benefits, and learn what digital utility leaders are doing and how you can apply their strategies to your business. Participants will learn:

- Who are the leading digital utilities and what do they look like?

- Where is the world today in digitalizing the power sector?

- Are startups good software providers? Should utilities move to the cloud?

- What digital IP should utilities look to develop in-house for new revenue streams?

If you have any questions, please email Jake Swanson at [email protected].

Click here to view a recording of the Wake Electric presentation


Claire Curry

Head of Digital Industry
Bloomberg NEF

Don Bowman

Vice President of Engineering and Operations
Wake Electric Membership Corporation