Utility Exchange Program on Distribution Engineering and Management

The U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Power Distribution Program is a three-year, USAID-financed project designed to facilitate improvements in electric power distribution utilities across Pakistan. The project began in September, 2010.  The Power Distribution Program works in partnership with the Ministry of Water and Power, Government of Pakistan and nine (9) power distribution companies (DISCOs) located across the four provinces of Pakistan.


The Utility Exchange Program (UEP) of the Power Distribution Program (PDP) aims to share practical information, real-world case studies, and best practices in different electric utility functional areas with Pakistan’s electricity distribution companies.  Through a series of exchange programs to U.S. and third-country utilities, UEP will enhance understanding of advanced utility best practices, change management programs, and work cultures that are commercially proven and have the potential of being implemented in Pakistan’s electricity distribution companies.  


The primary objectives of this utility exchange are for Superintending Engineers to: 


  • Gain exposure to the organization and management and planning of Australian distribution utilities, including:
  • Staffing qualifications
  • Change management
  • Optimal organizational structures
  • Planning and programming distribution system improvements


  • Gain knowledge in operations management, including:
  • Reliability standards and emergency response
  • Project/work scheduling
  • Assignment of responsibilities
  • System rehabilitation


  • Gain exposure to commercial operations of private distribution utilities, including:
  • Loss reduction programs
  • Billing, metering and collections
  • Advanced Meter Reading (AMR)
  • Human Resources management
  • Customer service