Mission: To promote the sustainable supply and use of energy for the greatest benefit of all

The United States Energy Association (USEA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, non-lobbying organization founded nearly a century ago. USEA’s mission has two pillars of equal importance. Domestically, USEA serves as a resource, by convening energy stakeholders to share policy, scientific, and technological information that fosters the advancement of the entire energy sector. Internationally, USEA supports global energy development by expanding safe, affordable, and clean energy access in partnership with the U.S. Government.

As a domestic energy industry resource, USEA hosts webinars, briefings, workshops, and five flagship Forums per year, offering a nonpartisan, unbiased platform for the expression of ideas, concerns, and solutions regarding all relevant energy issues. USEA strives to inform and promote a positive, effective dialogue on a path forward.

USEA partners with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the U.S. Department of State, and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to expand energy access globally. For the past nearly 100 years, USEA has worked across 104 countries on six continents. Its 30-person multinational staff speaks 14 unique languages.

USEA’s members include more than 100 organizations from the U.S. energy sector, including governmental entities, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 companies that encompass every type of energy source. USEA’s team of international specialists engage those members to execute projects worldwide, including the development of regulatory frameworks and sharing of best practices to help reduce energy poverty and build economic growth.

Partnerships & Programs

USEA has organized over 80 cooperative partnerships between U.S. industry executives and their global counterparts in developing and emerging economies. These partnerships help promote best business practices and regulatory reform in these nations. USEA's energy partnerships have been lauded as some of the most successful economic growth programs anywhere. 

USEA has established partnerships with Latin America, Africa, Asia, the former Soviet Union, and Central & Eastern Europe. Focus areas have included: petroleum exploration, production and transportation; natural gas exploration, production, and transportation; and electric power production, transmission, distribution, and utilization. Almost every aspect of organizational operations have been addressed through our partnerships.

Energy Events


As a part of our commitment to enhancing dialogue across all energy sectors, USEA hosts several major informational events that address critical issues facing our industry.  

These events include:

State of the Energy Industry Forum
Annual Membership Meeting & Public Policy Forum
Advanced Energy Technology Forum
Energy Supply Forum 


Throughout the year, USEA organizes informational briefings to inform our members and stakeholders about developments in energy technologies, policies and market trends. Our briefings are hosted in conjunction with USEA members working in the U.S. and abroad. Previous briefings have discussed Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS), energy tax credits, distributed generation and coal flexing, among other topics.