Historically, the power sector has been dominated by men - this is particularly true in the developing world. In recognition of and to assist in reducing the barriers caused by the gender gap in the power sector, USEA conducted an Engendering Utilities Partnership in coordination with USAID from 2015 through 2017. The partnership aimed to identify and transfer policies and corporate programs that support increased female participation in the power sector. The partnership was launched with utilities from Georgia, Jordan, Kenya, Macedonia, Uganda, and Nigeria in order to help the utilities grow and adapt with the community they serve.

The Engendering Utilities Partnership helped these utilities to improve their gender policies and gender achievements by improving labor market achievements, contributing to greater operational efficiencies, increasing profits, enhancing their corporate image, and improving branding opportunities. Through the partnership, EUPP introduced best practices to the member utilities in increasing female recruitment through the introduction of gender-specific hiring techniques, creating an informal mentoring program for women; implementing gender-inclusive policies and procedures; customer service and engagement; and succession planning.