Cross-Cutting Priorities

Disruptive technologies are changing the power sector which makes it important to keep a steady eye on emerging challenges like cybersecurity and digitalization and modern business models. Simultaneously the future of work is changing which needs added focus on workforce development, more engendered approaches and community led initiatives that boost a just transition and minimizes wastage in an ever-warming planet. The cross-cutting priorities help address that goal.  


AmpUp created an accelerator and support program for energy entrepreneurs in Kenya in a partnership between the AmpUp consortium and Factor[e] Ventures. Participating from AmpUp, Arizona State University (ASU) is leveraging their expertise leading regional National Science Foundation (NSF) Innovation Corps and lean start-up programs for market assessment, technology transfer, and technology piloting in the U.S. and globally. Factor[e] Ventures is a Nairobi-based venture builder that invests in businesses at the seed stage to address challenges in energy, agriculture, mobility, and waste through de-carbonized solutions. The activity targets early-stage energy sector companies that are women led and/or have a product or service that provides improvements to gender equity. The project goal is to support Kenyan women entrepreneurs to scale their businesses by providing $50,000 USD grants and tailored technical assistance and mentorship.

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