Distribution and End User

Distribution utilities need to be equipped with advanced technologies like automated metering systems (net meters and smart meters) to enhance operational efficiency and improved customer service.!!!


The key to reaching climate goals for the 21st century is not only to make reforms in electricity generation but also to improve energy efficiency across the board. Improvements to both power system efficiency and how electricity is used by the end customer is required to reduce country-wide carbon footprints. Energy efficiency (EE) improvements can also create jobs, lower energy costs for consumers, and decrease water usage.

This initiative was launched in FY23 to identify specific opportunities for energy efficiency investments at the basic business unit level in Guatemala to assist company owners in formulating investments as “bankable” projects with the aim to reach financial close. Working with central government agencies, local public organizations, private entities that operate in the energy sector, and Chambers of Commerce & Industry, the AmpUp team produced a list of companies that consume significant levels of energy in their operations and could therefore potentially obtain high returns from sound EE investments. Through direct contact with the companies and a basic agreement to collaborate, the AmpUp technical team is inspecting the property, plant, and equipment (PPE) and exploring the potential for significant EE gains with the end goal of structuring projects and promoting EE investments, thus reducing GHG emissions.