RFP Closed

Request For Proposal - Cyber Security Tabletop Exercise for Members of the USAID/USEA Utility Cyber Security Initiative (UCSI)

Implementing Agency: 
United States Energy Association
RFP Closing Date: 
November 19th, 2021
Questions Due Date: 
November 10th, 2021

USEA seeks proposals from qualified consultants to organize and conduct a cyber security incident response virtual tabletop exercise for members of USEA’s Utility Cyber Security Initiative (UCSI) working group of Southeast Europe and Eurasia electric transmission and distribution utilities. Through participation in the tabletop exercise, members of the UCSI will improve their understanding of the essential elements of a well-crafted incident response plan and recognize gaps in their current plans.

The Scenarios and injects for the exercise should be designed to cover as many of the following incident response plan elements as possible:

• Identification and First Response

• Detection and Analysis

• Roles and Responsibilities

• Communications

• Resource Availability

• Containment, Eradication and Recovery