23rd Annual Energy Efficiency Forum

Energy Efficiency In a Different Light

Energy efficiency can play an important role in increasing national security and fueling local economic recovery. At the 23rd Annual Energy Efficiency Forum, we will examine how advanced efficiency technologies, smart energy policies and consumer education can be integrated today to enhance energy security, improve global competitiveness and accelerate economic growth.

Mission Statement

To be the premier forum that promotes an energy efficiency ethic through the presentation of national and worldwide views on energy efficiency and the resulting impact on the environment, national security and economic growth.

Forum History

In 1990, Johnson Controls convened a national forum of participants from the public and private sectors as part of a broader campaign to raise energy conservation awareness in Washington, D.C. and to encourage the development of a nationwide energy conservation ethic.  In 1992, the United States Energy Association (USEA) joined Johnson Controls as a co-sponsor of the Forum.  Over the course of two decades, the discussions and debates at the annual event have involved questions about the role of government in the marketplace, public/private partnerships, promoting research and development of energy efficient technologies, market opportunities for U.S. businesses, the global context and the critical impact of energy use on the natural environment.  Changes in the political landscape have influenced the character and tone of the Forum from year to year, occasionally in dramatic ways.  The high-level, invitation-only gathering has been successful in advancing energy efficiency issues with the help of many eminent speakers, including President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Sen. Hillary Clinton, every U.S. Secretary of Energy since 1990 and other notables including journalists, members of Congress and international business and industry leaders.

To Register:

Please go to http://www.eeforum.net/ to request an invitation to this event.


Steven Chu

U.S. Secretary of Energy
U.S. Department of Energy

David Miller

Former Mayor of Toronto

Anthony Malkin

Malkin Holdings

Dave Myers

President, Building Efficiency
Johnson Controls

Clay Nesler

VP of Global Energy and Sustainability, Building Efficiency
Johnson Controls

Barry Worthington

Executive Director
United States Energy Association