CCS Briefing Series 2008/2009

As part of its commitment to increasing the understanding of energy issues domestically and internationally, USEA has hosted a series of Technology and Policy Briefings focused upon Carbon Capture & Storage and Clean Energy Systems. These briefings have attracted a diverse audience from industry, government, and academia, and have highlighted developments in the CCS/CES arena related to specific projects, research and development, regulation, funding, and state and local actions.

December 2009

Update on CO2 Capture & Storage Project at American Electric Power's Mountaineer Plant

Mark McCullough, Senior Vice President for Fossil & Hydro GenerationAEP

Dan Duellman, Director of New Generation EngineeringAEP

Janet Henry, Associate General Counsel - Environment, Health & Safety, AEP


The Future of Coal – A Path to Getting There
Norman Shilling, Government Policy Manager for GE Gasification

GE Energy



July 2009

Fluor’s Econamine FG PlusSM CO2 Capture Technology
Don Broeils, Vice President, Plant Betterment Business



Sequestering CO2 in the Built Environment
Andy Youngs

Calera Corporation



June 2009

Carbon Capture Update
Robert Hilton, Vice President of Power Technologies for Government Affairs



The UK Government Carbon Capture and Storage Policy Briefing
Martin Deutz, Director, Cleaner Fossil Fuels Unit

Department of Energy and Climate Change, United Kingdom



March 2009

Liability Risk Management and Insurance for CCS- Public Good and Private Asset Protection- Balancing Opportunity and Risk in the Face of Global Change
Lindene Patton, Chief Climate Product Office

Zurich Financial Services



February 2009

Carbon Capture and Storage: A Techno-Economic Perspective, Capture Technology, and a Techno-Economics of Transport and Storage
Drs. Vikram Rao, Raghubir Gupta, and Lincoln Pratson

Research Triangle Energy Consortium



November 2008

CCS: If It's So Great, Why Ain't it Happening?
John Barry, Vice President Unconventionals and EOR

Shell International Exploration and Production