CO2-Enhanced Oil Recovery and Geologic Storage in the Midwestern USA

The U.S. Energy Association is pleased to announce that Dr. Neeraj Gupta, Senior Research Leader, Energy and Environment, Battelle, will provide a briefing on CO2-Enhanced Oil Recovery and Geologic Storage in the Midwestern USA.  The briefing will be held in USEA's Executive Conference Room at 2 PM on July 30, 2013.

Significant work is being done in the Midwestern US to develop carbon capture, utilization, and storage technologies – a key option for managing CO2 emissions to mitigate climate challenge in this fossil fuel dependent region.  Several small-scale projects across the region along with geologic characterization and mapping have validated the potential for wide-spread deployment of these technologies.  However, much remains to be done on demonstrating the viability of commercial-scale operations needed to address emissions from large point sources in a cost effective and safe manner.  A key milestone was recently achieved when the Midwestern Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership ( team led by Battelle initiated its large-scale CO2 injection program in Michigan with the overall goal of injecting, monitoring, and modeling at least 1 million tonnes of CO2 in multiple oil-bearing fields operated by Core Energy, LLC.  Dr. Gupta will present an overview of this effort, with emphasis on project development, geologic setup, monitoring, and infrastructure aspects.  The critical role of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) infrastructure in enabling research on CO2 geologic storage and applicability of the project to the nine-state MRCSP region will be presented.  The overall aim of these programs is to develop practical knowledge about site development, permitting, construction, operation, monitoring, decommissioning, and social acceptance needed to facilitate ultimate commercial deployment of these technologies in this fossil-energy dependent region.   Dr. Gupta will also explain how geologic characterization work conducted under several projects in the region is helping with research on shale gas development and related produced water disposal that rely on utilization of resources in the same geologic space – illustrating a need for integrated resource assessment and planning.


For more information please contact Andrew Palmateer at 202-312-1286.



Neeraj Gupta

Senior Research Leader, Energy Business