Driving Energy Access through Productive Use of Energy, Engagement, and Alternative Models in Puerto Rico

Roughly 97% of Puerto Rico's electricity comes from fossil fuel-fired power plants and it is the most unreliable power service in all U.S. jurisdictions, with rates that qualify among the highest three most expensive in the U.S. In 2017, hundreds of thousands were without electricity for 5-10 months. During this webinar, Barrio Eléctrico founders Lauren Rosenblatt and Alison Mason will discuss their alternative energy service model for Puerto Rico, which is fulfilling the promise of affordable, reliable power for all incomes and achieving cross-sectoral impacts within public health, environmental, and economic development goals. To stand up this model, Barrio Eléctrico has worked around barriers through engaging directly with communities. This discussion will focus on that path and the challenges and successes of financing, outreach and education, productive use of energy, and technology choices along the way.



Lauren Rosenblatt

Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel
Uplift Solar

Michael Johnson

Sustainability and Energy Consultant
MK Advisors

Alison Mason

Solar Integration Expert
SunJuice Solar LLC