East Africa Executive Exchange to Geothermal Resource Council Annual Meeting and Expo

The exchange was focused on updating the U.S. industry on key improvements in enabling environments for geothermal as well as future commercial opportunities throughout Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Tanzania. The delegation was led by the US-East Africa Geothermal Partnership team and comprised representatives from Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia. 

The EAGP team also organized a side roundtable discussion focused on industrial parks using geothermal energy with the Ugandan, Tanzanian, Ethiopian and Kenyan delegations. Geothermal industrial parks provide a critical pathway for stimulating economic development and creating power demand in East Africa especially with the imminent surplus that is going to be experienced over the 2-3 years. All members of the delegation brought by EAGP and the KenGen members at the conference participated. Additionally, Mr. Johann Sigurbergsson from HS Orka, in Iceland, was brought in to present how HS Orka have built the most successful geothermal industrial park in the world and discuss with the delegation how countries in East Africa could do the same.