Electricity as a Transportation Fuel - Now and in the Future

EPRI’s Electric Transportation program conducts research and development on vehicle and infrastructure technologies that enable the use of electricity as a transportation fuel. The program has played a leading role in the development of plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) technologies that are at the forefront of automotive industry development efforts. EPRI also serves as a focal point of collaboration between the automotive and utilities industries for the development of infrastructure standards, vehicle demonstration programs, and advanced charging technologies. The market introduction of PEVs presents electric utilities with many different challenges and opportunities. Nearly all of the major automakers are reaching out to the utility industry to develop and standardize infrastructure for recharging plug-in hybrids. EPRI’s Director of Electric Transportation Mark Duvall will discuss:

  1. The economics surrounding today’s consumer transportation choices
  2. Fast-charging technologies now being demonstrated in EPRI’s Knoxville, TN-based laboratory
  3. Future technology advances that will accelerate US market penetration and commercial scale-up


Mark Duvall

Electric Transportation and Energy Storage