Global Workshop on Renewable Energy Integration in Asia

The objective of the Workshop is to discuss how utilities can successfully integrate intermittent generation sources.  Participants will gain an understanding of how electric utilities are mitigating the issue of intermittency from renewable resources through creating a more flexible system. The Workshop will focus on the following topics:

•             Increasing System Flexibility through Generation

•             Greening the Grid

•             Flexible Demand

•             Energy Management Systems

•             The Value of Forecasting to Ensure System Flexibility

•             Operational Challenges with Variable Resources

•             Developing Smart Grid to Increase System Flexibility

•             Storage Options to Improve Grid Reliability and Flexibility

•             Smart Grid

SPACE IS LIMITED. Participants must be able to fund own travel if needed.


If you would be interested in participating, please respond to Ms. Tricia Williams at USEA ([email protected]).