Joint DOE-DOI Technical Workshop on Basin Scale Issues for Carbon Storage

DOE and DOI are jointly hosting a workshop with the intent to focus on technical aspects of basin-scale carbon storage resource management. The objectives of the workshop include getting inputs from a set of stakeholders to inform DOE-FECM about potential technical R&D needs for the CarbonBASE Initiative, discuss the effective ways to aggregate and serve data, and to provide DOI Bureau information for developing models for management of the nation’s vast Federal land and ocean resources. The workshop will be in-person only and will be held on February 13th and 14th, 2024 at USGS’s Office in Reston, VA.

Scale-up of CCS is expected to result in rapid growth of multiple geologic CO2 storage sites within single basins over time. Rapid expansion of storage resource utilization within a single basin presents new challenges that must be addressed to ensure that the resources are being utilized and managed safely, efficiently, and with public acceptance and environmental justice considerations in mind. Additionally, facilitating the scale-up will require characterizing the basins which are currently not being explored and utilized because of perceived investment risks in part due to data uncertainty.

Addressing these challenges will require improved characterization of multiple basins and basin scale effects; development of robust set of tools for rapid and effective site screening, site characterization and site-development; and development of novel approaches for basin-scale storage resource monitoring and management. To address the above-mentioned challenges as well as to provide the data and tools for effectively managing carbon storage resources DOE-FECM is establishing the CarbonBASE Initiative.

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