Renewable Energy Integration: Practical Management of Variability, Uncertainty, and Flexibility

Renewable Energy Integration is a ground-breaking book which offers a distilled examination of the intricacies of integrating renewables into power grids and electricity markets. Through thirty-five chapters, this first of its kind volume offers informed perspectives from internationally renowned experts on the challenges to be met and solutions developed by operators around the world. The book focuses on the practical implementation of strategies and provides real-world context for theoretical underpinnings and the development of supporting policy frameworks. It lays out the key issues around the integration of renewables into power grids and markets, from the intricacies of operational and planning considerations to supporting regulatory and policy frameworks; provides global case studies that highlight the challenges of renewables integration and present field-tested solutions; illustrates enabling technologies to support the management of variability, uncertainty and flexibility in power grids.

In this briefing the speakers will discuss the background to the book, provide an overview of different parts and key themes, and how they relate to the  U.S. renewable energy industry. The speakers will also give their perspectives  on the future outlook of renewable integration  and enabling technologies.




Lawrence Jones

VP, Utility Innovations & Infrastructure Resilience
Alstom Grid Inc.

J. Charles Smith

Executive Director
Utility Variable-Generation Integration