Underground Hydrogen Storage (UHS) in Depleted Reservoirs

The hydrogen economy offers a potentially sustainable, long-term pathway to support the U.S. decarbonization strategy and energy security. With the increasing attention on decarbonization strategies for the U.S. economy, reliable storage of large volumes of surplus electrical energy from renewable sources (e.g., via conversion to hydrogen) presents challenges and opportunities. Underground geological storage of hydrogen in depleted gas reservoirs (i.e., gas reservoirs or fields once production operations have ceased) has emerged as one of the more attractive options for large-scale, seasonal storage because of its effectiveness and relatively low cost. This webinar, featuring Battelle's Priya Ravi Ganesh, will present a study that establishes a foundational perspective for policy makers and market-makers with a high-level assessment of the current state of understanding of the potential and challenges for repurposing depleted gas reservoirs for hydrogen storage.


Priya Ravi Ganesh

Reservoir Engineer