USEA CONSENSUS Webinar: Beyond Boundary Dam – What’s Next For CCS in Canada and the International CCS Knowledge Centre

Join Beth (Hardy) Valiaho from the International CCS Knowledge Centre (Knowledge Centre) in a discussion about how the organization has seen positive momentum from applied learning of the Boundary Dam CCS facility and increased buy-in globally on CCUS as a part of net-zero commitments.

Climate action is a global responsibility and to get to net zero we can't start at ground zero. With large public dollars being committed to CCUS projects, ensuring public knowledge sharing provides a step-change approach whereby costs can be reduced through iterations. Hear about how the Knowledge Centre is moving forward with this approach on a global scale.

Additionally, Beth will speak to the recent announcements and opportunities that have put Canada back on the map in terms of next generation CCS opportunities.


Beth (Hardy) Valiaho

Vice-President, Strategy & Stakeholder Relations
The International CCS Knowledge Centre