USEA & EPRI: CO2 Transport and Storage Workshop: How do we Accelerate Deployment using the Knowledge/Experience Gained to Date

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a critical technology that will allow to keep providing affordable and reliable energy, at the lowest cost while limiting carbon emissions to the atmosphere, especially in hard to decarbonize sectors of the energy system. Furthermore, achieving net zero CO2 emissions to the atmosphere might not be sufficient, and negative emissions technologies are being actively investigated. Regardless of whether CO2 is capture from concentrated sources, such as powerplants, or from diluted sources, such as directly from the atmosphere (DAC), large-scale geologic storage (GS) of CO2 in the subsurface will be necessary.

The goal of this workshop is to understand how can we accelerate deployment using the knowledge/experience we’ve gained to date. We will hear from experts of academia, industry and government about lessons learn from past experiences and the present and future needs of CO2 Transport and Storage technologies. Topics covered include: CO2 Transport, CO2 Storage, Induced Seismicity Risk Management, Business Case, and Environmental Justice considerations for project planners.

Link to the workshop here.