USEA Virtual Press Briefing: The High Excitement and Many Questions about SMRs

There are great expectations for small modular reactors.

In nuclear circles they represent the arrival, at long last, of the nuclear renaissance, the dawn of a new nuclear age.

But an unusual number of questions hang over SMRs:

  • How will they be brought to market?
  • Are they really going to be cheaper than traditional light water reactors on a power-per-dollar basis?
  • Which of all the new entrants will survive in the market?
  • Will SMRs facilitate large-scale hydrogen production?
  • Can the NRC handle licensing a variety of design concepts?
  • How about the utilities? Which ones are going to buy and build?

The United States Energy Association plans to get answers to these questions at its next virtual press briefing on October 17 at 11 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time, when journalists who cover energy question experts in the field — those with the answers.

The SMR briefing will feature a diverse panel of gifted and experienced executives who know the technology, the financing, the utility needs and the public acceptance.

Mark Menezes, USEA President and CEO, and former deputy secretary of energy, will contribute his expertise as appropriate. Llewellyn King has organized and will moderate the briefing.

The USEA, which neither lobbies nor favors one fuel over another, has brought clarity to critical energy issues since 1924.

The SMR briefing, which is open to the press and the public, will be broadcast live on Zoom and will be available afterwards on both the USEA and the Energy Central websites.

Tom Marcille, VP and Chief Nuclear Officer, Holtec International SMR
James Schaefer, Senior Managing Director, Guggenheim Partners
Chuck Goodnight, Vice President of Sales, NuScale
Mark Gake, Nuclear Technology Portfolio Manager, Black & Veatch
Steve Chengelis, Director of Research and Development Future Nuclear, EPRI
Julie Kozeracki, LPO Senior Advisor, USDOE

Jennifer Hiller, The Wall Street Journal
Matt Chester, Energy Central
Ken Silverstein, Forbes
Peter Behr, E&E News


Llewellyn King

Creator, Executive Producer & Host
White House Chronicle

Hon. Mark W. Menezes

President & Chief Executive Officer
United States Energy Association

Ken Silverstein

Senior Contributor

Peter Behr

E&E News

Matt Chester

Energy Central

Jennifer Hiller

The Wall Street Journal

Tom Marcille

Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer
Holtec International SMR

James Schaefer

Senior Managing Director
Guggenheim Partners

Mark Gake

Nuclear Technology Portfolio Manager
Black & Veatch

Julie Kozeracki

LPO Senior Advisor

Steve Chengelis

Director of Research and Development Future Nuclear

Chuck Goodnight

Vice President of Sales