Global Women in Energy Workplace Charter

The Global Women in Energy Workplace Charter is a framework that can be adopted by utilities worldwide to help influence and inform leadership, organization, sector, and wider community, raising awareness about shared challenges, approaches, and common adoptable principles in relation to achieving gender equality in the workplace. The Charter includes 6 principles that have been crafted by mid-career women energy leaders from 8 different countries during a USAID funded and USEA facilitated workshop marking International Women’s Week in March 2024 in Medellin, Colombia. The charter principles emphasize shared values and principles of diversity, equality, and inclusion, improving workplace equity, and building broader pathways for equality in the energy sector.

Six Principles


Ensure Professional Development of women with capacity and skill development initiatives to support career advancement of women in our workplace.


Enable Work-Life Balance to provide flexibility and an enabling environment for balancing both work and personal life for women in our organization.


Create Safe and Secure Environment for women and girls in their homes, workplace, and communities to ensure physical and mental safety.


Raise awareness and expand commitment to women’s leadership and
by establishing leadership initiatives to ensure equal representation of women and decision-making at every level while reducing bias.


Measure Progress in women’s’ leadership commitment by defining indicators and targets to ensure the promotion of gender equity, as well as transparency and accountability of leaderships’ commitment.


Engage Girls and Women’s STEM programs to establish and implement programs and initiatives to increase the number of girls (learning about) and women (working in) the energy sector, with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and to ensure equal opportunities for young women.

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Catalyzing Action towards Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in energy sector workplaces to accelerate progress towards Just, Inclusive and Sustainable Energy Transition

Be part of the movement Reaching these goals and outcomes requires actions at multiple levels from a wide range of stakeholders. All signatories will submit their own individual Women in Energy Workplace Charter Potential Outcomes to capture their organization’s specific commitments between now and 2030, to support the achievement of SDG7 on universal access to sustainable energy and SDG5 on gender equality.