The USEA Power Sector Podcast is bringing new voices and new ideas to key electricity system controversies in 15-minute interviews targeting urgently needed solutions. Topics will range from when, where, and how generation and transmission should be expanded to what resources and technologies are needed to ensure distribution systems remain reliable.

The podcast is airing the voices of those building and implementing tomorrow’s electricity system and of the policymakers who, in response to consumer demand, are setting the goals for a renewed power sector. It will also feature regular check-ins with state and federal agencies like the Department of Energy and public utility commissions to see what they are doing to drive and support change.  

The podcast will draw on USEA’s diverse technology- and business-oriented members now caught up in today’s sweeping changes of the way energy is harvested, used, and paid for. And it will draw on USEA’s international membership to link U.S. challenges to those facing the rest of the world.

Check back here on Wednesdays for new episodes!

February 5th, 2024
In today’s USEA Power Sector Podcast, Holy Cross Energy President and CEO Bryan Hannegan answered questions from journalist Herman K. Trabish about how 21st Century power system reliability will be...
February 2nd, 2024
In today’s podcast, Berkshire Hathaway Energy Senior Vice President, Public Policy, Pat Reiten answered questions from journalist Herman K. Trabish about what Pacific Power wanted from its early work...
January 31st, 2024
This week's Power Sector Podcast! In Part 2 of the Western Regionalization series, NV Energy Federal Energy Policy Director David Rubin describes the opportunities and challenges in a regional market.
January 25th, 2024
In today’s USEA Power Sector Podcast, former Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chair Jon Wellinghoff faced questions from journalist Herman K. Trabish about the importance and challenges in...