USEA serves as the U.S. Secretariat for the U.S. - India Low Emission Gas Task Force (LEGTF) under the U.S. - India Strategic Clean Energy Partnership (SCEP).

The U.S. - India Low Emission Gas Task Force (LEGTF), led by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Indian Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas under the U.S. - India Strategic Clean Energy Partnership, was launched in 2021 to facilitate increased energy collaboration between the United States and India. Recognizing the importance of energy to the U.S. - India bilateral relationship, the LEGTF supports the governments’ shared priorities of improving energy security and reducing climate impacts of the energy sector through increased stakeholder engagement, regulatory knowledge exchange, and industry partnership.

In 2018, the Government of India set a goal of increasing the share of natural gas in the primary energy supply from 6% to 15% by 2030. Through the LEGTF, U.S. industry and regulatory bodies share best practices for natural gas development as a cleaner fuel alternative with Indian stakeholders. As of December 2021, U.S. and Indian companies and regulatory bodies have signed several memoranda of understanding under the LEGTF to promote increased cooperation and commercial partnership.

To help India meet its energy and climate goals, the LEGTF convenes key stakeholders to identify opportunities for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction, displacement of high-polluting fuels, and key market reforms to accelerate deployment of maximally-abated natural gas as a cleaner alternative to coal and other fossil-based fuels.