USEA has been working in India through its Energy Partnership Program (EPP) and later through the Energy Utility Partnership Program (EUPP) since the 1990s. One organization that USEA has been working with sustainably for a long time is the Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (Tata Power-DDL) a joint venture between Tata Power and the Government of New Delhi that distributes electricity to north and northwest parts of Delhi, keeping the light on for a population of about seven million. This case study tracks how the North Delhi Power Limited (NDPL) now Tata Power- DDL demonstrated a utility’s ability to be nurtured back to a financially vibrant world-class utility that boasts sectoral leadership. While USEA through the program supported Tata Power with technical support early on today Tata Power is an ally that USEA calls upon to to help technical training assisting other countries in South Asia and even Africa. Over the past decade USEA has regularly recruited Tata Power DDL trainers for change management, energy mix diversification, business management, loss reduction and more for USAID-assisted countries in Africa including Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia as some notable examples. This is a very inspiring story of how USAID supports self-reliance through its programs. USEA has pulled together this case study as part of its EUPP program closeout campaign titled Powering Energy Utilities Worldwide

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