Supporting Moldova's Energy Transition


The USEA Energy Technology and Governance Program worked in cooperation with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Moldovan energy sector to help strengthen Moldova’s energy security and reliability by integrating the country’s energy networks and markets with Europe. Integration with Europe substantially mitigates Russia’s capacity to use energy as a geopolitical tool and moves Moldova closer to a reliable and clean energy supply. The following specific programs in Moldova concluded in 2022:

Supporting Moldova’s Transition to the European Network
ETAG’s state-of-the-art network modeling and analysis provided the evidence and technical support that led to Moldova’s successful synchronization with the European electric grid.

USAID-funded technology investments implemented by USEA has strengthened Moldova’s encrypted communication capability, allowing the national transmission system operator to share network information with other countries, in compliance with European network standards.

Ensuring Reliable Power Supply
The ETAG program assisted Moldova’s energy leaders in planning for seasonal power supply fluctuations, and to prepare load shedding plans that will secure the grid in the event of fuel shortages.

ETAG developed recommendations for reducing unintended electricity flows between Romania and Moldova, allowing for increased electricity flows from Ukraine.

Integrating Clean, Renewable Energy
ETAG conducted a renewable energy integration study, identifying the optimal amount and locations for wind and solar generation investment, as well as amount of variable renewable energy that can be added to the grid and the cost of doing so. Results of this assessment will help policymakers, ministry leaders, regulators, and investors make investments in Moldova’s energy future.

Building Energy Workforce Capacity
USEA and USAID have invested in the future of Moldova’s energy workforce by dedicating and installing a network training lab at the Technical University of Moldova. University faculty will incorporate network planning—using the latest software—into their curriculum.