Educating The Energy Sector With Expert Insight

USEA's Virtual Press Briefing series features a panel of industry experts answering questions from energy journalists about the leading issues and cutting-edge energy topics of the day. The general audience can also submit questions.

USEA President and CEO Mark W. Menezes delivers opening remarks for each briefing. The briefings are organized and moderated by Llewellyn King, producer and co-host of White House Chronicle on PBS.

The Virtual Press Briefing series was launched in October 2020. It is a virtual reboot of the original Press Briefing series, which was conducted several years ago in the USEA offices.

The series has received extensive media coverage, including articles in Forbes, POLITICO, The Guardian, Energy Daily, S&P Global Platts, and Utility Dive.

August 1st, 2023
For most of the summer, unrelenting and record-breaking heat has been scorching large portions of the nation. From California to the Southeast, millions of Americans have been baking in tandoori oven...
July 11th, 2023
Natural gas has been the fuel of choice for utilities since supplies increased, due to deregulation of price, and especially the plenty guaranteed by fracking. It burns 60-percent cleaner than coal...
May 30th, 2023
Something big is happening in the electric utility space: artificial intelligence is moving in -- and it is on its way to becoming a transformative force. The Electric Power Research Institute and...
May 4th, 2023
Sometime between now and the decade’s end, the nation’s electric utilities will begin to contend with a surge. That is when electric vehicles (EVs) will begin arriving in numbers large enough to...
March 13th, 2023
The world’s greatest machine, the U.S. electricity supply system, will begin to sputter in a few years as more is asked of it than it can deliver with its present resources and constraints. 
February 10th, 2023
December 14th, 2022
Utilities in at least three regions of the country -- the Midwest, the South and New England --  and Texas should be prepared for winter energy shortfalls and load shedding. This is the consensus of...
November 17th, 2022
After the final results are tallied from the midterm elections, it is likely that Republicans will have a narrow House majority, while control of the Senate will hinge on a December runoff in Georgia...