Biomass Storage and Burial for Carbon Removal: a BiCRS/WHS Workshop

Biomass carbon removal and storage (BiCRS) harnesses the power of natural photosynthesis for carbon dioxide removal (CDR). In BiCRS, sustainably sourced biomass is processed and stored in a variety of ways with carbon sequestration as the primary goal, with multiple co-benefits such as waste utilization, fire prevention, and air pollution reduction. Wood Harvesting and Storage (WHS) stands to be a low-cost BiCRS option where minimally processed woody biomass is directly buried raw in shallow geological storage. BiCRS is a durable CDR pathway with gigaton scaling potential by the 2030s.

This conference brings together experts and practitioners to address the most critical needs to scale BiCRS/WHS: 1) Appropriate policy, permitting, and financing, 2) Advancements in science, technology, and R&D, and 3) Cross-industry sharing around the challenges and paths to implementation.

The 2.5-day meeting consists of two workshops, with day one exploring the BiCRS broad landscape, day two focusing on WHS as a BiCRS example, and the last half day featuring a field trip to Carbon Lockdown’s Potomac Project site in Cecil County, Maryland. The meeting format will be a combination of plenaries and breakouts. Participation is by invitation only. Please note, there will be a networking Happy Hour following Day One. If you plan to attend the HH, please register here.  


Greg Cooney

Engineer - Policy & Analysis
U.S. DOE - Office of Fossil Energy & Carbon Management

Noah Deich

Deputy Assistant Secretary - Office of Carbon Management
U.S. DOE - Office of Fossil Energy & Carbon Management

Dr. Joe Sagues

Assistant Professor
NC State University

Dr. Daniel Sanchez

Assistant Professor of Cooperative Extension
UC Berkeley

Dr. Josh Schaidle

Laboratory Program Manager - Carbon Management
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Dr. Blake Simmons

Division Director - Biological Systems and Engineering
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Joshua J. Stanislowski

Director of Energy Systems Development
Energy & Environmental Research Center

Mark Ackiewicz

Director - Office of Carbon Management Technologies
U.S. DOE - Office of Fossil Energy & Carbon Management

Dr. Gregory A. Hackett

Systems Engineer, Strategic Systems Analysis and Engineering
National Energy Technology Laboratory

Dr. Ning Zeng

UMD, Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Science

Dr. Oluwafemi Oyedeji

Associate Research Staff - Bioresource Science & Engineering
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Dr. Florentino De La Cruz

Assistant Professor
University of North Florida, School of Engineering

Ben Rubin

Executive Director
Carbon Business Council

Dr. Larry Murdoch

Clemson University

Dr. Sinead Crotty

Associate Director of Science
Yale Carbon Containment Lab

Anu Khan

Deputy Director of Science & Innovation

Christopher Knop

Carbon Sequestration Inc.

Dr. Paul Dauenhauer

University of Minnesota

Braden Limb

Research Associate IV
Colorado State University - Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Colin McCormick

Principal Scientist
Carbon Direct