Briefing on CO2 Mineralization: An Approach for Gigaton Scale Utilization of CO2 by the Construction Sector

UCLA's Dr. Gaurav N. Sant, Associate Professor, Henry Samueli Fellow, and Director of the Institute for Carbon Management, will present an approach for large scale utilization of carbon dioxide by the construction sector through carbon dioxide mineralization. Highlights of the presentation will include: 

  • CO2 mineralization offers scalable opportunities for gigaton scale CO2 utilization by the construction sector
  • The carbonation of portlandite - exemplified by CO2Concrete - acheives unprecedented CO2 uptake and cementation
  • Carbonation can be achieved while using undifferentiated dilute flue gas streams; without a need for carbon capture
  • The CO2Concrete technology is price competitive with traditional concrete; eliminating the need for subsidies and incentives
  • New pathways for portlandite synthesis - currently under development - can create pathways for carbon-negative cementation



Dr. Gaurav N. Sant

Associate Professor and Henry Samueli Fellow
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)