Fireside Chat with Mike Moore: Appalachia’s Next Energy Revolution, Direct Use Of Natural Gas In Manufacturing With Capture And Permanent Geological Storage Of CO2

Join Mike and Perry Babb as we delve into the future of energy in Appalachia. Discover how the region is on the brink of an energy revolution, where it's not only embracing the direct use of natural gas in manufacturing but also addressing environmental concerns through the capture and permanent geological storage of CO2. We'll talk in depth about the innovative technologies and sustainable solutions shaping the energy landscape, all while driving economic growth and reducing carbon emissions.

This conversation will explore the potential for a cleaner, more efficient energy future in one of America's most iconic regions. Plus, we'll unravel the crucial role of hydrogen production from various resources as we discuss the development of the ARCH2 Hub in this region, paving the way for a dynamic and sustainable energy future.


Michael Moore

Program Director
United States Energy Association

Perry Babb

KeyState Energy - Developer