Indian Energy Minerals Forum 2022 Webinar Series 3, Webinar #3: CO2 Sequestration and Carbon Capture on Reservations

This webinar will cover the important topic of CO2 sequestration and carbon capture.

Removal of carbon from the atmosphere is the new norm for energy projects. Carbon Capture is bringing new technology options to tribal lands and is an important option as discussions for clean energy move forward. 

In this webinar we will look at CO2 sequestrations and carbon capture as it plays out on and near tribal lands.

We will discuss the technology and how it can play a critical role for energy projects throughout Indian county. 


Michael Moore

Program Director
United States Energy Association

Derrick Watchman

SageBrush Hill Group, LLC

Steve Grey

Former Board Chairman
Four Corners Economic Development

James S. Diemer

Director of Commercial Analytics and Strategy
Sempra Infrastructure

Robert Van Engelenhoven

VP Operations and Development
Enchant Energy