Female Leaders In Energy (FLIE)

With funding from the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Energy Resources (ENR), USEA supports the Female Leaders in Energy (FLIE) initiative through the Indo-Pacific Energy Market Investment and Modernization (EMIM) partnership. The FLIE partnership aims to advance the professional development of early- to mid-career level women working in energy sectors across Southeast Asia.

Through a 2-year mentorship program, conferences, and technical workshops FLIE will:

  • Empower, encourage, and guide female participants in setting targeted professional goals to advance their energy careers;
  • Build confidence and leadership skills in the next generation of female energy leaders in Southeast Asia;
  • Strengthen female participants’ professional network;
  • Improve female participants’ industry and job function knowledge and skills; and
  • Provide female participants with opportunities for career development, public speaking, and project management.