A Memo From Our Executive Director

USEA is in its 9th week of working from home with our office completely closed.
And we will likely be closed another few weeks to comply with the extended stay at home order of Washington, DC Mayor, Muriel Bowser. 

We are converting our membership briefings into webinars. In fact, in recent weeks we conducted three webinars related to how the energy business is responding to the COVID-19 virus; all in conjunction with the U.S. Agency for International Development.  
One was conducted for our partners in Eastern Europe and the other for our partners in Asia, Africa and Latin America; the third was conducted for our broad global stakeholders. 

Our Annual Membership Meeting & Public Policy Forum is postponed to June 25.
We will host guest speakers at the Forum, present the United States Energy Award, multiple volunteer awards, and we will announce the results of our Board of Directors election.   

As of May 12, we are keeping with this schedule.
Work is underway to organize our other Annual Forums: 

-30th Energy Efficiency Forum 
-13th Annual Energy Supply Forum 
-2nd Advanced Energy Technology Forum 
-Inaugural Energy & International Development Forum

But as our dedicated USEA staff is moving forward with our niche, unique mission in our industry, we are well aware that parts of our industry are in turmoil. 

•    Energy demand in the U.S. has fallen to a 17-year low.  Similar demand destruction is occurring on a global basis.
•    In March alone, 106,000 clean energy jobs were lost.  Across the economy, 22 million Americans have applied for unemployment.
•    The virus is raising complications for refueling nuclear plants.
•    An overabundance of natural gas due to demand destruction is raising some concerns over LNG facilities reaching final investment decision.
•    For the first time in 50 years, the Texas Railroad Commission considered before rejecting crude oil production limits.
•    U.S coal consumption is at low point.  According to Public Utilities Fortnightly, coal provided 36% less electricity April 1-14, 2020 compared to a year ago.

All of these trends are negatively impacting engineering, construction, financial, accounting/consulting, legal firms, etc. 

USEA members that are government agencies are dealing with unprecedented issues, and our university members are operating with no students on campuses.
Our industry has been dealt blows before: 

-Commodity price fluctuation ­ 
-Demand and supply shocks ­
-Storage shortages 
-Transportation constraints 

In response to every adversity, we have rebounded and become stronger. 

Our industry employees are dedicated to operating excellence, putting our customers first, helping our neighbors, community and nation. 

And our energy industry is committed to providing increasingly safe, affordable, reliable, abundant and clean energy.
We, as an industry are resilient, flexible, adaptable, technology focused, customer focused, and the bedrock of the economic, social and humanistic fabric of our country and the world.
We, as an industry, will survive these current multiple crises and challenges.  And on the other side, we will be stronger.
Please be healthy and safe during these trying times.
If USEA staff can be helpful in any manner, please contact Barry Worthington at [email protected]

Thank you for your continued support.