USEA’s Worthington tells Fox Business tragic hurricane season has revealed the U.S. needs all types of energy

WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Energy Association Executive Director, Barry Worthington, told Fox Business’ host Liz Claman the U.S. needs all forms of energy, especially during these trying times where weather events are knocking down power lines and access to energy at record rates.

In an interview with Claman Thursday on Countdown to the Closing Bell, Worthington said, “Hurricanes have become tragedies, and the heroes of these weather events have become the linemen and the utilities they work for.”

“They leave their families in the dark to help others,” Worthington said. “They are American heroes.”

Worthington said, “We need to protect our energy resources, including our fossil fuels, and we need to increase our investment in the electric grid. Hurricane Harvey knocked out a quarter of the world’s refining operations and shrunk gasoline supplies critical to the daily lives of our citizens.”

In a line of questioning about the battle against fossil fuels, Claman asked Worthington whether cities have legal standing to bring lawsuits against fossil fuel companies, which city officials claim cause climate change.

“Municipalities have a hefty burden of proof, and if they do win in the courts, shutting down oil and gas operations or fossil fuel plants would leave California and other areas vulnerable to power outages and generation shortages,” Worthington said.

“Energy demand is rising, from resources to refined products, and we shouldn’t turn our backs on any type of generation” he added.

Worthington, who is also a chairman on the U.N. Economic Commission of Europe, spoke earlier this week to the financial community in New York about U.S. policy development and what to expect as UN General Assembly meetings and Climate Week kicked off.


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