USEA Virtual Press Briefing: Green Hydrogen - The New Utility Frontier (recording)

There is a growing overproduction of electricity from solar and wind, but solar in particular, especially in the Southwest. Utilities are in a rush to find ways of saving this electricity and balancing their systems

Batteries and other storage systems are all on the table, along with what may have the most promise: green hydrogen. This is hydrogen made by electrolysis, using surplus electricity.

The Europeans are ahead of us, but more and more U.S. utilities are looking at hydrogen as the companion to alternative fuels.

The briefing will be moderated by syndicated columnist and broadcaster Llewellyn King.

Our guest speakers were Mark Eisenhower of Guidehouse ESI, Michael Green of Arizona Public Service, Bruce Hallbert of Idaho National Laboratory, and Paul Schultz of the Los Angeles Department of Power & Water.

We were joined by journalists Jeff Beattie of The Energy Daily, Rod Kuckro, freelance, and Andrew Moore of S&P Global.