15th U.S. - China Oil and Gas Industry Forum

The 15th U.S. - China Oil & Gas Industry Forum was held September 16 – 18, 2015 in Chongqing, China. The event took place at the Chongqing Yuelai International Convention Center and included a site visit to Chinese state oil and gas company Sinopec's Fuling Gas Field.  Discovered in 2012, Fuling is China's first large-scale shale gas field to enter into commercial production.  On September 17-18, the forum's technical sessions were held.



Thursday, September 17

1. Current situation and prospect of shale gas development in Chongqing (ZHANG Dingyu, Deputy Director of Chongqing People’s Congress)

2. Oil companies’ challenges and opportunities on capital expenditure from the perspective of the business cycle (WANG Zhen, Deputy General Manager, CNPC Policy Research Office)

3. Unconventional Resource Development in the New Energy Pricing Environment (Mark Nelson, Vice President, Commercial & Communication, ConocoPhillips)

4. Lean Leads the Way in a Low-Price Environment (Zhiyong Zhao, Vice President, HESS Corporation and Managing Director, HESS China Oil and Gas Limited)

5. Improving Project Net Present Value (NPV) through Optimized Processed Technology (Brian Huston, Asia Pacific Technology Manager, Halliburton)

6. Sustainability Through the Supply Chain (Jennifer Bell, CEO, Elements Offshore/ASME)

7. Recent Technical Advances in Shale Plays – Practical Applications in the Eagle Ford Shale (Gerald A. Morton, General Counsel & Vice President of Business Development, Carrizo Oil & Gas, Inc.)

8. Methods and Measurements in EOR CCUS (ZHANG Jian, Chief Engineer, Central Research Institute R&D Center, CNOOC)

9. Reservoir Characterization, Drilling & Completion, & Field Development (HU Wenge, Deputy Director of North-West Oilfield Company, Sinopec)

10. Direct Imaging of Fracs, Natural Fracture Networks, and Producing Volumes with Passive Seismic Data (Alfred Lacazette, PhD, Global Geophysical Services, Inc.)

11. Development, exploration, and production resources of deepwater oil and gas (ZHANG Wei, Chief Reservoir Engineer, East Oilfield Company – South Sea, CNOOC) 

12. Analysis of China’s natural gas imports (LI Yao, President, SIA Energy Consulting Group) 


Friday, September 18

1. History and future of continental oil and gas resources in China (HE Jiangchuan, Deputy General Manager, Exploration & Production Branch, CNPC)

2. Innovation in GE Oil & Gas (Qian Xiang, President of GE Oil and Gas Great China)

3. Innovation in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry (Ken Bayne, Senior Project Director, McDermott International/ASME)

4. Optimizing future production activities through diversification (JIN Zhijun, Academician of CAS and Director of Pepris, Sinopec)

5. Technical solution of standard small scale LNG liquefaction plant (LI Weibin, Vice President, Jereh Group)

6. Nitrogen production technology in oil and gas production (YANG Haiyan, Vice President, Creat Group)

7. Solutions: Efficient, Economical, and Environmentally-friendly Shale Gas Development (ZHANG Mi, President, Honghua Group)

8. Advanced equipment manufacturing technology, upstream and downstream (standards) (Fangzhou (Michael) Hu, Senior Strategic Marketing Manager, Gas Processing and Hydrogen, UOP/Honeywell)

9. Shale Gas Innovation and Workforce Development (Eddie Johnston, Vice President, Research Operations, Gas Technology Institute)

10. Pipeline infrastructure (standards) (WU Zhongliang, Deputy Chief Engineer, CNPC Pipeline Bureau)